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Welcome to Yogafruit

Relieve back pain, build grip and upper-body strength, and strengthen your posterior chain in this fun, unique, and intimate class. These suspension yoga courses are taught with the Yoga Trapezetm system. All levels of experience are welcome, including those whom are exploring for the first time!

Namaste, my name is Amanda Mackey

I believe we are natural healers. Yoga and nutrition have brought me from a very dark place to a very peaceful and grateful place. Yoga helps me mentally and physically everyday to continue this positive mindset and it is my mission to share the joy yoga can bring. My goal is to create a high vibing class full of Pranayama and self acceptance so that people feel wholeness and bliss. Join me for a Yogafruit class.

RYT-200 hr Power Vinyasa
Certifications in Qigong Infused Yoga, Trapeze Yoga, Gravity Yoga.
Certified Breath coach and Plant Based Nutritionist.

How Trapeze Yoga Differs

You know yoga has several benefits including the ability to increase your strength, power, and flexibility; but with the assistance of a trapeze, you can take those benefits a step further. Where mat-based Yoga offers thousands of opportunities for pushing and holding, the Yoga Trapezetm can provide these functions while also incorporating pulling to ensure a complete flow. Join now to see how you too can enjoy the benefits of the yoga with inversion to gain strength, relieve pain, and have fun!

Classes are now running!

Haven’t tried the joy and benefits of Trapeze Yoga yet? Then you’re missing out! Come see what others are already learning and sign-up for a class today!

Students should wear comfortable sports clothing and bring their own towels. The mats and other props you’ll need will be provided! Showers are available on-site!

To ensure a prompt start and to be respectful of everyone’s time, the studio door will close 5 mins before class. Late arrivals will not be allowed to join the class.

You can book your class online up to 1 hr before the class begins; if trying to book with less than an hour, please call or message on instagram or facebook.

Upcoming outdoor events!

There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than a day in the sun with a gentle breeze… and some yoga! With our special mobile-trapeze setups, Yogafruit can be enjoyed while also taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Check back soon for our outdoor events!

Children Welcome

The kids can enjoy too! 40-min classes are offered for well-behaved younger ones between the ages of 4-9. We’ll explore playful Trapeze poses and animals movements while getting a fun workout and plenty of energy release! There will be assistance on-hand to ensure the safety and fun of all involved, so feel free to drop off the kids and enjoy a relaxing 40 mins to yourself! Classes will scheduled based on interest!

A few extra years? We got you covered!

If you have a few extra years, we have classes for you as well. Yoga classes for seniors will be offered on Thursdays and one Friday a month at the Beltrone Living Center! Classes start August 4th and will continue for a further 8 weeks.

If you’re interested, call Caroline at 518-459-2711


  • Sunday
    • 9:30am: AYAMA
    • 11:15am: Clever Combat Yoga
    • 3pm: Trapeze Yoga
  • Monday
    • 6:45 am: AYAMA w/ (optional) Trapeze*
    • 1:00 pm: AYAMA
    • 4:45 pm: Clever Combat Yoga
  • Tuesday
    • 6:45 am: AYAMA w/ (optional) Trapeze*
  • Wednesday
    • Day Off
  • Thursday
    • 6:45 am: Trapeze Yoga
    • 10:00 am: Yoga For Older Adults
    • 1:00 pm: AYAMA
  • Friday
    • Workshop / Event
  • Saturday
    • Workshop

A little about each class

AYAMA – Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation TM, deep meditation. AYAMA stabilizes the muscles
and leaves you feeling strong and stable. Every class ends with a deep Savasana and meditation (75/90

*AYAMA w/optional Trapeze refers to using the trapeze during inversions and non – AYAMA asanas.

Yoga Trapeze – A fun class that’s great for inversions, building strength, and finding joy (60 mins, limited space)

Clever Combat Yoga – AYAMA x Hatha Yoga. A warm-up to the Jiu Jitsu class

Yoga for Older Adults – 8-week series taught at The Beltrone Living Center

Workshops/Events/Retreats – TBA

Membership Available!

Want to make this a regular thing? We have two levels for you:

Level 1 – $130/month for unlimited classes, workshops included. 20% off events, retreats, and privates. Bring a friend for free 4x a month.

Level 2 – $100/month for unlimited classes, 50% off workshops. 10% off events, retreats, and privates. Bring a friend for free 2x a month.

And if you’re note ready to take that step, don’t worry! Individual classes are still available at $30 each.

To book, please use the widget below. You may have to select the menu icon in the top-left and then click “Classes” to see the Yoga classes. If you have any questions, give me a call at (413) 887-9325.

Our Journey is just beginning... check out what's coming in August

  • Outdoor Trapeze Classes
  • Qi-gong infused yoga
  • Group Events
  • Memberships
  • Kids Classes
  • Weekend Getaways

Yogafruit is the culmination of several years of hard work and dedication to a dream by its founder, Amanda Mackey; and this is just the beginning of the journey. The ground has been cultivated and the seeds planted, but the next stage involves you. So come and experience the fun and benefits of suspension yoga, tell your friends, and join Yogafruit on the road to growth and health.



(413) 887-9325


239 Old Maxwell Rd. Building C
Latham, NY 12110

Enter into the last door on the left that says Clever Combat

Covid Policy

Yogafruit is all about health and doing what’s best for the body and mind. To help respect the safety and health of all of our students, please note that we will adhere to all local and federal requirements for COVID safety.

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